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Local resource for climbing equipment in Fort Myers. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to climbing lessons, climbing gyms, indoor climbing, climbing gear, climbing shoes, climbing harnesses, bouldering, rock climbing and rock climbing apparel, as well as advice and content on rock climbing and bouldering.

Dick's Sporting Goods
(239) 433-0216
10011 Gulf Center Drive
Fort Myers, FL
Ro-Lin Rentals & Sales Inc
(239) 337-1663
2549 Cleveland Avenue
Fort Myers, FL
(239) 939-5235
11120 South Cleveland Avenue
Fort Myers, FL
RV Doctor
11547 Charlies Terrace
Fort Myers, FL
CD Mobile Tech`s Inc
(239) 461-5526
1635 Sunset Place
Fort Myers, FL
Pro`s Edge Wholesale
(239) 936-0377
1850 Boy Scout Drive Suite 111
Fort Myers, FL
Professional Fishing Inc
(239) 337-0003
1601 Jackson Street Suite 202
Fort Myers, FL
Schwinn Cyclery & Fitness
(239) 939-2899
3630 Cleveland Avenue
Fort Myers, FL
Caloosa Tent and Rentals
(239) 694-5777
2463 Franklin Street
Fort Myers, FL
The Broken Niblick Inc
1850 Boyscout Dr Suite 104
Fort Myers, FL

Climbing Equipment

What You Should Know About Climbing Equipment

What kind of climbing you do is not important, but the equipment you need for that kind of rock climbing is very important. If you are a traditional climber you will need cams, nuts and other equipment, as a sport climber you will need quickdraws and as a boulderer you will need climbing shoes, chalk and bouldering pads. But no matter what style of climbing you are interested in the head gear is most important. When you fall you do not fall straight down but bounce off anything that is near you. Unless your head is harder than the rock you are climbing on, your head needs a helmet for protection.

Rock shoes are important because they are especially made for climbing. The sole of the climbing shoe is smooth but made of a rubber that has some ability to cling. The shoes come in many styles and shapes and there are shoes made for every type of climb.

There are various kinds of equipment that a climber needs which include: ropes, harnesses, belay devices, carabiners, cams, slings, hexes, nuts, tricams, quickdraws, helmets, climbing shoes and more. Each piece of equipment is there for your use and protection and has its own specific feature. Using the belay device as an example; there are many styles and types of belay devices: the tubular, the figure 8, the sticht plate and autolocking. Each has its own special use and works best for what it is designed. There are many kinds of belay devices available, and when you become familiar with them you will be able to find the one that will serve your needs best.

Your climbing equipment is important and shopping for the equipment can be fun. The fun comes into play when you are able to talk with others that are also buying their equipment, because you can now discuss your love of climbing with someone that understands.